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2014 Midterm Election Results


    Board of Supervisors

        District 2

            Ralph Lents (R) -- 49%

            Steven Shelley (D) -- 51%

        District 4

            Brian Rohrig (R) -- 48%

            Jodie Hoadley (D) -- 51%

    County Attorney

        Clint Hight (R) -- 55%

        Mike Maynes (D) -- 44%


    Board of Supervisors

        District 1

            Doug Birt (R) -- 71%

            Larry Sawyer (D) -- 29%

        District 3

            Linda England (R) -- 51%

            Kevin Wynn (D) -- 49%

        District 4

            Leland Shipley (R) -- 56%

            Tyler Edwards (D) -- 44%

County Recorder

    Jamie Stargell (R) -- 62%

    Iona Allen (D) -- 38%


Board of Supervisors

    Ron Riley (R) -- 70%

    Paul Hayes (D) -- 29%


Board of Supervisors

     Paul Dykstra (R) -- 51%

     Rodney Holmes (D) -- 28%


Board of Supervisors

    District 2

        Doug Horton (R) -- 59%

        Robert Lundquist (D) -- 41%


Board of Supervisors

    Phillip Clifton (R) -- 48%

    Robert Duff (R) -- 51%

County Treasurer

    Leslie Schmalzried (R) -- 42%  

    Jana Corkrean (D) -- 58%

County Attorney

    Matt Schultz (R) -- 61%

    Julie Anne Bardwell Forsyth (D) -- 39%

County Sheriff

    Jason Barnes (R) -- 69%

    Doyle Jamison (D) -- 31%

School Board Discussed Sale of Former AEA Building

During their regular meeting Monday night, the Creston school board discussed options for the former AEA building in Creston. It was suggested to tear it down and replace with additional tennis courts for SWCC.

Eventually, the board suggested to Superintendent Steve McDermott that the administration get in contact with SWCC to decide what will happen with the area.

Another Informational Meeting Held on Prescott/Creston CSD Merger

Just before the regular meeting of the Creston School Board Monday night, an informational meeting was held regarding the Prescott/Creston Schools merger. Superintendent Steve McDermott gave a handout to the attendees, and went through the basic information, if such a merger passed.

McDermott also explained the changes for tax levy rates at both Prescott and Creston, along with the existing staff at Prescott.

The next informational session is Monday, November 3. It will be held in Prescott, and starts at 6:30pm.

Union County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gives Update

Dennis Brown, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Union County, gave an update on the board's recent happenings. 

The Prairie Solid Waste area is currently under discussion as to who actually owns it. The supervisors are investigating so the proper owner can perform maintenance on the road.

Another topic discussed with Brown was CDL licensing for the Creston school's bus drivers. Superintendent Steve McDermott and Bob Beatty were in a recent meeting to discuss an easier way to license Creston's bus drivers.

Another topic was the GTSB grant Union County received. Brown says the $4,200 grant will be used to install cameras in the sheriff's cars.

Highway 92 Construction in Adair County

Scott Suhr, the District 4 Transportation Planner for the Iowa DOT gave an update on the road construction on highway 92 from the Adair/Cass county line to Greenfield.

He explains that it is in the middle stage of the process, and asks for the public's patience as the project gets completed.

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